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About us

About us

The establishment mission is to make the implementation of supplies the all items what you need In doing so, the establishment is committed to creating an organization which put the needs of its customer as its first priority. The sole owner of MAFTE provides the vision of the establishment. Ultimately, dependable contracting services plans to become one of the leader of in the kingdom within the next two years by being the first to offer such vision to customers in the immediate vicinity.

Unique Features

The establishment offers its clientele several unique features. First, we are offering special construction services that track the services of those kind of business at all times so customers don’t have to wait. Second, the establishments offer the convenience of a prime location in the midst of Riyadh with quality services in the immediate vicinity. Third, we also offer knowledgeable personnel to field questions about the projects.

Marketing Objectives

Marsa Ahlam for Trading Establishment. has set its marketing objectives on increasing its market share by 30% in the next two years. This will be achieve two ways, first, the company will aggressively court traditional large institutional clients in Riyadh. Also we will aggressively market itself as the most responsive and convenient contracting company for professional corporations doing business in Riyadh.


The business expects to draw in a total 10% of the market share for the new projects and 20% of the market for walk in business during the first year of operations in Riyadh.

Required Capital

In order for MAFTE to successfully complete its expansion, an investment of 1,000,000.00 SAR is required. The owner will contribute more of his own funds.

Purpose Statement

Today’s market is dominated by giant establishment claims with remote quality services, impersonal customer service agents and inefficient time schedule respects. Riyadh was alternative to this chain of business has been a pair of located in the area. Unfortunately, these companies are staffed with minimum wage personnel that are not trained to know construction services needed by larger clients. Office managers needed an alternative which provided them with prompt service they needed to sufficient qualities at reasonable prices.

MAFTE solved the problem for customers in the Riyadh area by providing high quality minded customer service engineering for institutional accounts. These individuals are very knowledgeable and are periodically trained to provide close attention to the need of the customers. Floor personnel are knowledgeable and helpful regarding constructions services and are trained to answer questions about customer’s questions. For this reason, Marsa Ahlam for Trading Establishment has and will continue to create its competitive advantage based on competencies that are distinct from its competitors and thereby become increasingly competitive in the contracting market.

Management and Operations

The owner of Marsa Ahlam for Trading Establishment managed the establishment itself. He personally meets with each individual client and handpicked the account representatives and supervising the account activity. He continue to meet with each clients I order t cultivate those relationships. Keep the customer satisfied and prospect for referrals.

Regulation and Licensing

The following permits and licenses are obtained for Marsa Alam Trading Establishment to commence business:

– Establishment and Contracting License

– Permit to Conduct Business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

There are no special provisions or regulations required for the operation of Marsa Ahlam for Trading Establishment other than the general laws required for any business to operate in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Nonetheless Marsa Ahlam for Trading Establishment will remain current with and adhere to any and all regulations and Laws which apply to the conduct of its business.


Marsa Ahlam for Trading Establishment has two long terms objectives, recognizing that the market is bifurcated into small “walk-in” service and the large institutional accounts, Marsa Ahlam for Trading Establishment is intends to meet the need of both.

The first objective of Marsa Ahlam forn Trading Establishment is to increase its institutional business over the next year. It plans to meet this objectives through an enhanced sales effort focusing on the dependability of high quality service.

The second objective of Marsa Ahlam for Trading Establishment is to increase its business that supports all over the next years.


The pricing structure of Marsa Ahlam for Trading Establishment are by industry standards, but remains quite competitive with high quality services. The Marsa Ahlam for Trading Establishment pricing structures are designed to encourage institutional clients to make correct decision progressive discounts are offered.

Publicity and Public Relations

Marsa Ahlam for Trading Establishment has taken the position that the most favorable public relations strategy stems from efforts to make a positive impact o the local community. Marsa Ahlam for Trading Establishment has attracted favorable attentions from its efforts to improve the community via its services.


Every business faces risks today’s economy, and Marsa Ahlam for
Trading Establishment is no exceptions. The first identifiable area of risk for Marsa Ahlam for Trading Establishment is its competition. A lot of competitors have been in the kingdom market for a long time and are already well established. These companies are expected to launch swift responses to the Marsa Ahlam for Trading Establishment expansion into the kingdom market. In the form of price competition and more aggressive marketing. Larger competitors may seek to take advantage of this under funding by increasing expenditures and by slashing prices.