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About Marsa Trucking

We are in this field since 2005 (shipping, logistic services, and transportation) and we had obtained good experience so that Marsa will be one of the pioneering companies in this field. We provide a source for one solution to manage private transportation and shipping. This will enable you to expand in the scope of your work. We render services at international and multiple level for our customers by rendering special services for our prestigious customers. Services are rendered for our customers with reliability and credibility.

Why Marsa for Shipping and Transportation

Marsa for Shipment is one posture for solution for logistic services from one source. We realize the real customer satisfaction. The success of the company relies on its ability to provide reliable services at appropriate time and effective way.

Our Task

Our task is to strengthen long term work relationship with our customers and to render high quality and good services with appropriate and reasonable prices.

Our Vision

It is to develop and ameliorate our services and to maintain confidence, respect, and good reputation in the field of international and local transportation.

Our Services

Marsa provides the best services of shipping and transportation.

All shipments are dealt with irrespective of its size effectively on an equal footing with the maximum care and to be executed as soon as possible.

We also expressly provide specialized solutions and specially designed solutions on the basis of the specific needs of clients. We have a rich experience in handling commodities and transportation.

The following is the services which we provide:

  • Transportation all over the world
  • Transportation of pipes of all sizes
  • Transportation of gas
  • Transportation by heavy and light trucks
  • Logistic solutions
  • Transportation of complete and partial trucks
  • Transportation of containers of all sizes
  • Transportation of cars
  • The ability to track trucks
  • Transportation of heavy equipments
  • Main Advantages

  • Drivers with high experience and efficiency
  • Training drivers to safe driving and requirements of safety
  • Periodical maintenance of trucks
  • Complete insurance of trucks
  • All trucks are provided with GPS devices to follow trucks and control them
  • Good knowledge of the requirements of customs clearance in the customs outlets of GCC and Middle East countries
  • Specialist employees, who are familiar with shipping and transportation operations
  • Ability to follow up the track of trucks
  • The ability to organize a fleet of trucks which work at one and specific time
  • Partial weekly shipping from multiple points to several destinations in the GCC and ME countries
  • Extensive network of agents
  • Safety and credibility

  • We are confident in providing our services for you with standards and quality.